Build Your Own Fairy Garden: Our Top 5 Favourite Fairy Garden Ornaments

By Charley Paxton

Warmer weather is here which means one thing, it’s time to give your garden a makeover! Whether you are looking to add a couple of ornaments around your plant pots or restyling your whole outdoor space, why not consider adding some… magical touches?

Fairy gardens are an enchanting way to bring some magic into your garden, allowing you to escape into the wonders of imagination and the beauty of the mythical world. Transform your garden into an enchanting wonderland with our magical collection of Fairy Garden Ornaments.


Here are our top 5 favourite fairy garden ornaments to transform your outdoor space into a fairy’s paradise!

These exquisite pieces are designed to captivate the imagination, bringing the allure and mystery of fairy tales to life in your own garden.




Solar Hanging Fairy Lanterns – x2

Bring some magic into your outdoor or indoor space with this set of 2 charming solar-powered fairy lanterns! Easy to use and suitable for hanging within the home or garden, these frosted glass effect jars will bring an eye-catching focus to any area you choose to place them.

Suitable for use in the garden or within the home, this fairy light truly comes to life when darkness falls, allowing the fairy design within to shine through! Waterproof and hard-wearing, the strong rope will ensure the jar holds secure where hung and the weather-proof material will stand up to the elements, come rain or shine. Taking its power from the sun, simply place or hang in a well lit area and allow it to charge throughout the day.


Fairy With Umbrella Bird Feeder

With a resin fairy at the centre of this feeder, holding an umbrella to shield herself (and any visiting birds) from the elements, you can hang this novelty bird feeder from tree branches, bushes, or from a little hook attached to a wall or fence.

A beautiful brushed bronze effect paint finish gives off a traditional look with a modern twist. As well as acting as a bird feeder, they make fantastic garden décor, practical and attractive they make a perfect gift for any bird lover or fairy watcher.


Colourful Mushroom Garden Ornaments 4pc

These garden ornaments are ideal for a fairy garden. In bright and pleasing colours, these mushrooms may be small in size but they are big personality!

Made from hardwearing resin, these toadstools are fully waterproof and will stand up to the elements. A fun and quirky decoration for the garden, these mushrooms will add a magical touch to any corner of your garden.


Fushia Foyer Fairy House

Bring the magic of fairies to life in your garden! Fairy houses make a unique and fun piece of garden decor whether you place it beside some flowers, plants or even under a little tree. This beautiful ornament is waterproof and weatherproof to ensure it lasts through all seasons.

Each fairy house ornament is imaginatively designed with beautiful detailing on each one, and are hand-painted. Crafted from sheet metal, these ornaments are colourful and beautiful! Care and attention to detail goes into every piece!


Reading Pixie Resin Garden Ornament

This charming resin pixie will look adorable in any fairy garden or next to our water fountains. Made from hardwearing resin, this little pixie is waterproof and weatherproof which is perfect for any garden, especially with our unpredictable UK weather.

Simply place this ornament anywhere around the garden in flowerbeds, by a pond or on the patio to attract more book-loving pixies to your garden. This is perfect to add to an existing fairy garden, or if you are just starting a fairy garden as it brings the magical and mystical world to life.

Our Fairy Garden Ornaments are more than just decorations. Whether hidden among plants, perched on rocks, or placed by water features, these ornaments transform ordinary gardens into extraordinary realms of enchantment and adventure.


Explore our collection today and let the magic of fairies bring a touch of wonder and inspiration to your outdoor sanctuary.