Christmas Tree Mini Gold Unscented Tealight Candles

Add some Christmas Spirit into your home with these 4x Christmas tree Candles! In sticking and traditional gold, these long lasting and stylish candles are the perfect way to bring a warm and cosy atmosphere into your home.

Crafted with care from the highest quality wax, these non scented candles will enhance any event with their warm light and bring a feeling of cosiness to your home this Christmas time.

Scatter around your fireplace, your windowsill or even your dining table to add some magic to any room within your home. These will also go with any Christmas decor you have within your home, whether it be modern, traditional or rustic. 

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Gold Tree Candles - Bring some festive charm into your home with this striking set of novelty golden tree candles! Gold in colour and with intricate detailing on each candle to give the look of traditional Christmas trees, they make for a unique piece of household décor or gift as they even come ready boxed!

Festive Décor - Practical and highly unique, these tea lights within their own holders make for a talking point in any room! Ideal for any style of household décor, these gold Christmas tree candles are a stylish way to bring colour and fun to your home this Winter.

Gift Idea - Already boxed in a set of 4, these gold Christmas tree tea lights will make an excellent gift for a lover of Christmas or all things gold! Perfect as a Christmas gift this festive season or all year round as a gift for the home to bring a smile.

Handcrafted - Handmade from paraffin wax with beautiful detailing, they make an eye catching addition to your home. Brighten up your evening with this set of 4 golden Christmas tree Tea Lights!

Item Specification

Set of 4 novelty tea light candles in shape of a Christmas tree.

Paraffin wax and tin.

Set measures in at 16 x 7 x 4cm.

Each candle measures in at 3.5 x 6cm.

Weight approx: 120g.

Material: 99% wax / 1% aluminium.


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