Vanilla Spice Pot Pourri

A great way to add a wonderful, festive smell to the room as well as a beautiful focal point. The delightful scent will radiate around your room giving it a pleasing smell every day. Ideal for placing in a decorative bowl at home or your office, the charming potpourri will make a lovely addition wherever you choose.
This traditional potpourri looks elegant placed anywhere in the house, from the lounge to the front hall to the cloakroom. Make a great gift for fellow lovers of scent. An easy and effective way to scent your home flame free, this luxury potpourri combines an array of fresh winter scents.
These charming and attractive bags making it the perfect gift for friends and family. Filling your home with a lovely fragrance. Pour into a bowl and give it pride of place on a table or mantle. Ready to gift, we even finished it off for you with a pretty ribbon.
Adding style and a beautiful scent to your room, this mixed potpourri arrangement will add a natural charm to your home. The varied pieces are in a mix of colours and designs that accentuate the beauty of nature.
Vanilla Spice.
Packet size approx. 18 x 10cm.
Weight approx. 100g.

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