Deluxe Teddy Bear Parade Nutcracker with Trumpet 38cm

A charming alternative to regular nutcrackers, these teddy bear versions provide some furry Christmas fun!

Eye-catching, unique and quirky in style and with something to see from every angle, they look striking wherever they are displayed.

For indoor use, this striking standing ornament will make an impact when placed at the foot of a staircase, by a Christmas tree or in an entrance hall to welcome your guests!

This unique teddy bear style nutcracker makes for a perfect and unique floor decoration.

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Detailed - Fabric detailing adorns the teddy nutcracker, with golden trim around the central area and hat, this ornament is full of Christmas charm and traditional style. Sure to be loved by the whole family, this ornament is a cracker! Each teddy also comes with an instrument; either drum or trumpet.

High Quality - Crafted with care and attention to detail from strong and hardwearing wooden construction, this stunning nutcracker ornament is also hand painted! Finished in bold blue and white with gold and white with intricate golden detailing all over, this standing ornament is sure to spread festive cheer wherever its placed!

Item Specifications

Hand-painted wooden construction.

Indoor use only.

Size: 38cm.

Freestanding Christmas ornament nutcracker.


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