White LED Christmas Cherry Blossom Tree 5ft

Stand out this festive season with our fantastic 1.5 metre White LED Cherry Blossom Christmas Tree.

With a generous 150 brilliant white LED lights, your cherry blossom tree is sure to light up any room of your choosing at home.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, your light up cherry blossom Christmas tree is also bright enough to illuminate outdoor spaces.

Not only suitable for Christmas, your cherry blossom tree can be used throughout the year for all occasions, whether it be twilight barbeques, celebrations or hosting friends and loved ones.

Your cherry blossom tree will act as a beautiful, bright and glamourous backdrop to your living space atmosphere.

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150 White LED Cherry Blossom Christmas Tree

Have your Christmas tree stand out this year with this tree! This White Cherry Blossom Tree is sure to light up your home anywhere it is places. With 150 LED's on this trees that are shaped like Cherry Blossom's , this tree can even be used outdoors to brighten up dull areas in your garden.

This tree is not just for Christmas, have this tree out all year round for friends and family coming over for parties, BBQ's, weddings or just for a general visit. A modern twist on a traditional decoration.

Item Specifications

Illuminated blossom tree with 150 white LEDs.

Energy saving & long life.

Low voltage transformer included.

150cm tall.

Outdoor & indoor use.

Lead wire length 5m approx.

Transformer plug: 31V 3.6VA.


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