Premium Christmas Pot Pourri Fragrance Set

Release the abundance of Christmas with our fine range of festive pot pourri fragrances.

Carefully selected using only the finest ingredients to create the prefect Christmas fragrance.

Discover our selection of pot pourri fragrances, each suitable for a variety of rooms and home spaces and transform your home into something extra special this Christmas.

A great way to add a wonderful, festive smell to the room as well as a beautiful focal point. The delightful scent will radiate around your room giving it a pleasing smell every day.

Ideal for placing in a decorative bowl at home or your office, the charming potpourri will make a lovely addition wherever you choose.


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Gardenia A fresh, floral fragrance.
Gardenia scent is cold, powerful, and fresh, as well as woody, feminine, and flowery.

Spiced Vanilla 
A blend of classic pumpkin, creamy caramel, warm vanilla bean, and spicy cinnamon.

Spiced Cinnamon Apple 
A mixture of strong, spicy taste and aroma of this particular spice closely resembles a mixture of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper. It is warm and sweetly pungent with peppery overtones as well as hints of juniper and peppercorn.

Cinnamon is a unique fragrance note; it’s reminiscent of baking at Christmas unearthing childhood memories of snuggling up in the cold winter months. Similar to when it’s used in cooking, cinnamon adds a warm spiciness to fragrances and has an underlying sweetness, which means it’s amazing when added to a wide array of different notes.

Item Specifications

Bag Dimensions – 18cm x 10cm approx.
Weight per Bag – 100g approx.


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