Silver Modern Style Pipe 15 LED Christmas Candle Bridge

Enhance your home or office by adding some warm festive christmas lighting with this festive 15 thin pipe LED candle bridge. Built with a more modern design, these decorative candle bridges look great and will fit in with any theme. Portable and lightweight, this candlebridge can be moved around with ease to find the best location.

Give your home or office that festive christmas atmostphere with this warm white 10 thin pipe LED candle bridge. Stylish with a modern design, this candle bridge can be used as a centrepiece or a standalone decoration. Due to the size this festive modern candle bridge can be used on a windowsil, mantlepiece and even such places as an office desk or simply on a shelf. Lightweight and portable creating an instant atmosphere.


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This modern design christmas candle bridge is adorned with 10 thin pipe warm white LED lights. Once the batteries are in, with just the flick of a switch you will create an instant warm festive atmosphere and create great mood lighting.

This festive modern LED candle bridge is powered via batteries (3 x AA Batteries) and is controlled via a simple on/off switch. These batteries are placed under a panel on the underside of the candle bridge.

Due to only needing batteries this means that there are no ugly wires to try and hide which opens up a lot more options for placement. No hassle set up and use.

Item Specifications

This festive decorative LED candle bridge measures in at 27cm x 27cm x 6cm(approx).

Due to its size and being so lightweight this Christmas candle bridge is extremely portable and can be put in a variety of places.

Home, office, centrepiece, mantlepiece, windowsil, fire place or even office desk.

No wires either so even more options of where it can be placed.


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