Resin Tree Peeker Mounted Garden Decoration

This unique and eye-catching goblin sculpture will be right at home mounted on your favourite tree, bringing colour, character and fun to tired garden décor.

Sure to catch the eye of guests and neighbours alike, this goblin tree hugger or wall plaque will make a welcome addition to any outdoor space!

Doubly useful as a decorative planter, the top of this wall mounted goblin ornament can be used to hold plants and flowers!

Ideal for a unique look indoor or out, this planter is an eye-catching way to display your blooms!


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This unusual sculpture will make such an impact on your outdoor space, as he runs through a hole in your tree or easily mounts to a fence or wall. Manufactured from resin, these huggers are waterproof and weatherproof making them the perfect garden ornament for all year round. Simply mount these on trees, branches, fences - anywhere you see fit.

Leave this charming goblin figurine under the sun's scorching heat, the winter snow, or heavy downpours. The piece won't shrink, and the colours will remain vibrant.

Made from tough durable resin and hand finished these tree faces are weather resistant and have a mounting hole on the rear. This sculpture has realistic highly detailed work and is hand painted, finished in tree realistic colours.

Item Specifications

This striking goblin wall planter measures in at 20 x 19cm and the planter area to the top measures 8.5 x 16.5cm. All sizes approximate. Hanging hook to the rear.


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