Green Plastic Wavy Garden Lawn Edging (15cm x 30m)

Protect the edges of your lawn with this strong flexible green plastic edging, ideal for use around borders, ponds, flower beds and more!
Perfect for retaining soil stones, gravel and other surfacing used in gardens, this strong and durable lawn edging is the perfect way to keep your garden looking tidy and fresh all year round. Protects lawns and naturally tidies up the appearance of anything it borders.
This lawn edging roll is perfect for cutting and fitting around important garden features. Easy to cut and secure when in place, this edging will become an invaluable part of your outdoor space.
Made from strong and flexible green plastic, this fantastic edging eliminates the need for constant lawn edge trimming and reduces weed transfer.
Dimensions: 15cm x 30m.
Material: plastic.
Colour: green.
Shape: wavy.

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