5x Rodent mouse trap bait station box

These Rodent Bait Stations Are A Highly Effective Way Of Dealing With Problem Rodents In Your Garden,Home Or Business And Could Eradicate A Small Family Of Rodents And Pests.

This Type Of Pest Control Is A Kill Method With The Use Of Poisons Which Is Humane.

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These Bait Stations Are Lockable Which Make Them Tamper Proof Making These Bait Boxes Ideal To Use In The Home,Garden Or Business Premises And Makes Them Children And Pet Safety.

These Boxes Are Easy To Use And Can Be Placed In Any Area Where Rodents Are A Problem.Just Open The Bait Station With The Key Provided,Place The Bait Inside And Let The Box Do The Rest.

Item Specifications

These Boxes Are 130mm x 100mm x 40mm


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