Premium Four Tier Clear Green Greenhouse Plant Protection

This green house will protect your homegrown veg and seedlings. Perfect for housing your tomato plant, homegrown fruits and vegetables making you more self sufficient.

This modern and hardwearing outdoor garden greenhouse is ideal for protecting young plants from frost and harsh weather conditions, this cover will protect your greenhouse come rain or shine. Unpredictable weather need never be an issue again.


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Crafted from a sturdy metal frame, with a durable transparent plastic PVC cover, this green house features a full fronted zippered door for ventilation and easy access. This greenhouse with 4 shelves will stand up to repeated use, weather and the test of time with ease.

This green house will allow great planting opportunities, the lower shelves all have approximately 28cm height clearance, and the top shelf has approximately 40 - 47cm clearance. Plant away without the worry of damaging wet weather.