Men’s Beard Trimming Bib

Beard Bib:
No more stray hairs clogging up the sink, on the soap, or in your toothbrush with this practical and reusable beard bib! It effortlessly catches all shaved hair to keep your bathroom clean, making your partner a lot happier after you shave and it saving you time cleaning.
Easy to Use:
Simply fasten around the neck with a simple Velcro strap, attach the 2 suctions cups onto your mirror or tiled surface (it sticks and can be removed easily). It catches all the hair while you shave. After shaving simply unhook the suction cups and empty contents into the bin.
Great Gift:
An ideal gift for the man in your life, or for yourself, this bib is the only men’s grooming tool that reduces manual clean-up and allows for easy disposal.
This fantastic beard trimming bibs are made from durable waterproof synthetic nylon.
Approx. 100cm x 70cm


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