Antique Style Brown Ornate Vintage Umbrella Stick Stand

This Brown vintage cast iron umbrella stand is an ideal and decorative way to store your umbrellas and walking sticks at home or in the office. It is strong, durable and hard wearing construction which requires very little assembly making it easy to set up for everyone. It has a vintage/rustic finish which will add a touch of charm to your home. Put a stop to water being trailed around your home from your wet umbrella and find it again easily with this storage solution, a great accessory to have.

    Colour: Brown with a rustic/vintage finish
    Material: Cast iron
    Size: W: 30 (12″) x D: 14 (5.5″) x H: 50cm (19.5″)
    High quality Antique style umbrella stand
    Versatile construction allows you to store a variety of things including umbrellas, walking sticks etc
    Rustic/vintage finish will add a touch of charm to your home
    Strong, durable and hard wearing
    Quick and easy to set up – Very little assembly required.


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