Quality Long Burn Pillar Candle 15cm – 50hrs

Pillar Candle In striking and traditional ivory, these long lasting and stylish pillar candles are the perfect way to bring warmth and a cosy atmosphere into your home this winter.

Ideal for use all year round, and extremely long lasting, these high quality candles will provide light and attractive style for longer.

High Quality Crafted with care from the highest quality wax, these candles will be of use again and again, looking great and providing you warmth and light for longer.

Suitable for use all year long, these candles are particularly impactful during the festive season and during the cold dull winter months.


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These attractive pillar candles are commonly used as: party favours, emergency light for power outages, aromatherapy, outdoor patio ambience, restaurant tables, for ritual, fireplace décor etc.

Because of their extended burn-time these stunning traditional pillar candles can be re-used numerous times. These beautiful Ivory pillar candles are best sellers in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry.

From home decorators, to event planners, a high quality traditional pillar candle is always put to good use. Non scented candles will enhance any event with their warm light and bring a feeling of cosy ambience to any situation.

Item Specifications

Unscented, over dipped Pillar Candle.

Colour: Ivory.

50 hours burn time.

15cm x 5cm approx.


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