Red Wine Bottle Shaped Candle

Wine Bottle Candle
This fun, unique and eye-catching candle has a vintage style Chateau Merlot label, allowing you to wow (or disappoint!) your guests at any dinner party! Gift a loved one or keep for yourself, these candles make a fantastic addition to any home.
High Quality
The wax melts into the centre and does not drip down the sides of this long-lasting novelty candle. Allowing it to look great for longer and ensure it keeps its shape. The design is vintage in style but looks great within any style of household décor.
Vintage Style
Perfect to use within the home as a fantastic table decoration and a makes a brilliant gift for wine or candle lovers. It can also be used in a kitchen, café or bistro to create a pleasant ambiance.
Novelty Gift
Surprise your friends and family with one of these red wine bottle shaped candles! Serving a decorative and practical purpose, this unscented candle can be used as a display item or lit to provide subtle warmth and cosy atmosphere.
A very realistic candle which resembles a full size bottle of Merlot.
28 x 7cm approx.
The label is designed to give an aged appearance.
Caution: Candles should not be left unattended.
Place on a heat resistant surface.
Please remove all packaging and labels from underneath the candle before burning.


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