Multi-Purpose Vinyl Disposable Hygiene Powdered & Powder Free – Multi Packs

Our clear disposable gloves are very extra strong & they offer plenty of stretch.

The gloves are thick and are made resilient, for both home or professional tasks. They are comfortable to wear made of high-quality material to prevent ripping or tearing.

The vinyl gloves can be easily put on and quickly taken off.

Our gloves are non-sterile and are suitable for many household, commercial or even industrial applications.


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Our non-sterile vinyl gloves are made to keep you safe whatever your trade from food preparation to hair, make up application, general cleaning or even tattooing.

Can be used for food prep or in the beauty industry or in the home, when handling pets or when cleaning up spills that you would not want to touch with bare hands.

Item Specifications

Powdered or Powder Free: Our Gloves come as either powdered or powder free to suit your needs or application of the gloves.

Sizes: Our strong barrier gloves come in XL, Large, Medium or Small sizes are available and these extra strong disposable vinyl gloves, they also come in a handy dispensing box of 100.

Fastening: Pull On


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