Poison-Free Bed Bugs Trap

The slim line very discreet unit scan be used in very small spaces and in numerous different environments from around the home to commercial kitchens and numerous other places.
Simply place the pads in the monitor stations and place the stations near to, or in, potential insect harbourages and entry points to the building, or near the bed in case of bed bugs.
The units are able to catch numerous insects with the aid of the attractant pads such as: cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, spiders, carpet beetle, woodlice, mites, fleas (limited due to not crawling insects).
The attractant pads have a slow release matrix that allows the insects to be attracted towards the pad. The insects are unable to detect the sticky surface and once on the pad, no escape.
The unique flipper design allow for the pad to be automatically lifted out, for easy inspection or service change of the pad. Slimline profile means it can be placed in narrow gaps, closer to insect activity.
The textured surface and optimum ramp angle add to ease of entry and the narrow leading edge does not deter smaller insects.
The attractant pads will last just as long as the pad remains sticky. It is recommended that the pads are changed every 6-8 weeks, to maintain effectiveness. In very dusty environments, the pads may need changing more frequently.
Please note the pad in the image is only an example, ones supplied may vary slightly in shape and style.
*Please note: This item is for attracting and catching insects. The Paper insert pad has a built in attractant. Please do not expect this item to clear an infestation as normally this will need an insecticide treatment. These are great for catching an occasional intruder or identifying a pest problem.


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