Medium 40cm Cast Iron Double Sided Griddle Plate Grill Pan

Our Heavy Duty Cast Iron Griddle Pan is fantastic way to increase your hob’s or BBQ’s cooking capability. This large pan has a cooking area that measures 22cm x 15cm. It has two integral handles to allow for easy lifting, and they can also be used to hang the griddle pan when not in use.
Cook everything from steak and salmon to pancakes on your griddle pan. One side is ridged for char-grilled cooking and searing meats, the other side of the hotplate is a flat griddle pan suitable for mushrooms and eggs etc.
Because this pan is made from iron it can be used with induction hot plates. It can also be used with gas and electric hobs indoors, or outdoors on your BBQ in the summer.
The non-stick surface of the griddle pan make for easy cooking and simple cleaning. There is an integral drip tray to capture any excess oil during cooking, whatever side your are using. The griddle pan should be seasoned before first use and regularly there after.
These cast iron skillet pans measures at approx. 40cm x 20cm x 1cm.


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