Bird Care Suet Fat Balls for Garden Bird Feeders x50

These high protein high energy suet fat balls are essential to all our wild garden birds during busy nesting times and harsh winters.

Fat Balls are blended from beef fat, sunflower seeds, wheat, calcium and dried meal worms to provide a high calorie nutritious source of food for many different species of wild bird.

Give them a food source they can depend on and watch your garden visitors grow and thrive.

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The ingredients used in these wild bird fat balls include wheat, a staple food for several different wild birds particularly the struggling House sparrow, sunflower seeds, a source of high energy natural oil, beef fat, a concentrated, high energy food source suitable for many species of wild bird, and dried meal worms, packed with protein. Along with a natural source of added calcium for healthy bones and egg.

These Fat Balls will help a wide variety of wild birds survive through harsh Winters, and busy breeding seasons. The best way to feed these fat balls is in specialist fat ball feeders that hold several balls at a time and which should then be hung from garden bushes, trees, feeding stations or bird tables. However if you want to add a high energy boost to other wild bird foods try breaking up these fat balls and adding to seed mixes or peanuts fed from bird tables or the ground.

Item Specifications

This pack of 50 high energy fat balls come in a handy resealable storage tub which is air tight, keeping the product fresh.


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