Acorn Bird Feeder Hanging Feeding Station – Suet Ball Feeder

Better for attracting small and large birds alike, these refillable bird feeders and foods come with a wide hanging hook on top, so you can hang in the front yard, backyard, or in your garden.

This bronze acorn design with twist top system is perfect for gardens large or small!

Suitable for feeding most types of seed and seed mixes, blends, mealworms, sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, sunflower kernels, Niger seed, nuts or fat balls to attract birds including great spotted woodpeckers, the siskins Dunnock, House Sparrows, Goldfinch, Bullfinch, Blue Tit and Green finches, tits, sparrows, nuthatches and pied fly catchers.


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Our attractive and unique hanging bird feeders are crafted from strong hard wearing weather resistant treated metal in an acorn design and combined with our tasty bird food, nuts, seeds, suet or fat balls, will help aid wild birds season after season.

Our guard feeders come with a lift-lid for easy and convenient filling. Designed to deter animals whilst allowing smaller birds to feed. Regular cleaning will keep the feeder and seeds clean to attract more birds.

Item Specifications

Bronze acorn design with twist top system.

For seed mixes and sunflower seeds.

Ring perches for easier feeding.

Holds approx 400g of feed.



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