Deluxe Acorn Shaped Wild Bird House

A charming acorn shaped birdhouse, designed for small garden birds such as wrens, has an entrance hole of just over 3cm which is great for allowing access as well as helping to keep larger species from taking advantage of the house.

Easy to mount anywhere in or around your outdoor space, this house will welcome visiting birds time and time again.

Bird houses should be fixed a minimum of 2 metres from the ground, ether on a house wall or in a tree, in a quiet part of the garden, away from predators.

Preferably site the house with the entrance hole facing between north and east. This avoids the worst of the weather and prevents the house and its inhabitants becoming overheated in sunny weather.

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This acorn shaped nesting box is made from FSC certified wood and is designed for the wren. It provides a good place to nestle and helps maintain or brings back a population in an area. During winter time this bird house will often provide birds with a place to hide from bad weather.

Placing rose cuttings or any thorny material on the roof of the house should discourage cats. If the house is mounted on a tree, ensure that there are no overhanging branches for a cat to gain easy access to the house. After the breeding season (March - August) clean your wild bird house, by removing any nesting materials then using hot water, scrub the house thoroughly. Remember to wear gloves when cleaning or moving the bird house and to wash your hands afterwards.

Item Specifications

Made from treated pine.

Especially designed for the wren.

Made from FSC certified wood.

The roof can be removed to clean the bird house.

Dimensions: 25.3 x 13.9 x 13.9cm.

Simply attach the birdhouse on a tree or wall, at a height of up to 2m.


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