Garden Mile Anti Bird Net 4 x 10m 280g

Dimensions: This is for 1 pack of garden netting measuring 4m x 10m covering an area of 40m²

Colour: The colour of this netting is a light green making it perfect for blending in with your garden whether it be over ponds protecting plants or keeping pest out.
Material: The garden netting is a woven pond netting is mainly made of the durable and stable nylon material, which is uv stabilized
Applications: The woven pond netting can not only protect the fishes and koi from birds, cats, and other predators, it can also protect the fishes from jumping out.
Flexible and plyable: Rot resistance. Lightweight and easy to clean and install. Can be cut to any size and will not unravel. Durable and long lasting. Woven structure is totally flexible and almost soft. Strong and hard to tear

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