Large weed membrane 8m x 1.5m sheet cover garden fabric 50gsm

Keep your garden neat and weed free with this amazing Weed Control Fabric!

This fantastic Weed Control Fabric is a practical and effective way of solving all your weed control problems without using any chemicals.

It blocks most of the sunlight to stop weeds from growing and stealing valuable nutrients from your plants and physically stops the weeds from pushing through and popping up where you least expect!

The porous 50g/m2 material allows nutrients, water and air to pass through and reach the soil allowing your plants to flourish.

Permitting air and water exchange, it will help reduce diseases, conserve soil and warm it in spring for earlier harvest and improved yields.


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This 8m x 1.5m extra strength fabric is super durable and ideal for heavier loads to keep those weeds at bay all year round. It will also help prevent garden animals digging up your plants.

Easy to use, the fabric can simply be unrolled anywhere that weeds grow. It can easily be cut and shaped to fit your requirements, without disrupting plants that are currently in place. It is not only economical but will also save you a lot of time you spend doing garden maintenance, weeding and preparing soil for the following season.

This Weed Control Fabric is ideal for creating healthy gardens and beautiful landscapes. You can use it under borders, under paving patios and decking. If you're looking to redo your driveway with chippings, gravel, stones or brick paving, this fabric can simply be laid out before placement, and your driveway will stay looking fantastic and weed free!
Get this fantastic Weed Control Fabric today and stop the weeds before they take over your garden!

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