Small Popper Shooting Target Party Popper Outdoor

Small Popper Shooting Target
Use all the unwanted Party Poppers in this shooting target!
This target brings all the fun to shooting!
Simply attach the target to a stick, tree or post and connect up a party popper! All you have to do is hit the target and it will pull the string making the popper explode!
This must be attached to a surface such as a stock or a post for it to work, the set up is extremely simple & easy, doesn’t take long to complete!
These little shooting targets are small enough for you to put in your hunting bag or kit bag and take hunting with you to warm up!
This target is made from a High Quality Robust Steel which is 2.5mm thick and should last many years to come.
Dimensions: 13cm (H) 2.55mm Thick (approx.)
** Party Poppers NOT Included**


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