Foam Padded Weighted Hula Hoop

An extremely effective, simple way to workout and exercise. Perfect for burning calories, improving your posture, losing weight, toning up, having fun and just generally keeping active.

Can be used by all skill levels, beginners to pro.

To take them apart simply push the button and pull apart. eight pieces ensures that this weighted hula hoop is extremely portable, compact and lightweight.

This fitness hula hoop has an upgraded foam covered ergonomic design and comes fitted with weight inside (1.2kg) to create even more resistance than a normal hula hoop, ensuring a much better workout.

This fantastic weighted hula hoop comes in eight pieces and is put together simply by placing the correct ends of each piece together and clicking them in place.


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Our weighted hula hoop exercise equipment is made with a highly durable plastic core which is covered with soft Eva foam that gives you long-lasting service. This colourful and fun padded weighted exercise Hula Hoop is the perfect enjoyable and effective way to personal work out.

These fitness hula hoops come with 8 detachable pieces that can be quickly assembled and dissembled. The weighted hula hoop gives you maximum protection and provides an easier way for you to lose weight, and get in better shape. Effective to burn calories, improve posture, lose weight, tone up, have fun and much more.

The fitness hula hoops come fitted with weight inside (1.2KG); ergonomic design and padded soft foam; perfectly fit your waist while exercising and provide effective massage pressure on your waist without getting hurt or excessive pain.

This smart hula hoop and fantastic workout tool offer you the resistance you need to get more out of your workouts and burn more calories, It provides an easier way for you to lose weight, and get in better shape.

Item Specifications

Our weight loss hula hoop is lightweight and its width is 100cm; you can easily store it and is convenient to take to the playground, garden, lawn, beach, gym, travel or others.


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