Four Piece Luxury Bath Bomb Set

Our Bath Bombs will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. Simply choose the set you require and pop into hot water and watch as your Bath Bomb Melts away and the smell drifts around the room.

Rich In Natural Cocoa And Shea Butter To Nourish, Moisturise And Repair Damaged Skin. Treat yourself, relax and unwind with our amazing new Bath Bombs. Vibrant colours and sumptuous smells which will make you never want to leave your tub.

Bath bombs will dissolve, and fill the water with fragrant essential oils, nourishing and moisturizing butters and oils, and additional items, such as flower petals, glitter, and color. Get out of the tub when the water gets cold and dry off. After a while, the water will start to naturally cool down.

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The 4pc bath bomb gift set come with 1 X Lemon Bomb, 1 X Strawberry Fizzer, 1 X Green Tea Fizzer, 1 X Kiwi Fizzer and also a soap bar that contains all essential oils and rose essence. These bath bombs for women gifts with vibrant colours and beautiful scents treat yourself or someone special, relax and unwind; will make you never want to leave your tub.

Our bath bomb set can effectively soften cuticles, remove dead skin and subcutaneous fat, and smooth and soften skin. Each bath bomb softens the skin from head to toe as you soak in a soothing bath. In an aromatherapeutic way, you can relax your body and mind, soften your dry skin and relieve muscle pain after a hard day's work.

The bubble bath for women is 100% handmade with natural ingredients to moisturize your skin and relieve your pressure. You can enjoy a sizzling and slightly foamed and colourless bath that is as good on your skin as it is fun to prepare. Experience all the pleasures of a SPA treatment directly from home. No stain on your skin or tub after use.

The bath gift sets for women are the perfect Christmas gifts for any home decor lover. Ideal gift option for birthdays, valentine's day, anniversaries, and Christmas. These relaxation gifts for women are colourful and appealing to the eye, these fragrance-filled gift sets.

Our bath sets for women gifts bright and colourful bath bomb sets are organic and free of harsh chemicals and additives. The softly scented bath bomb fizzers are perfect for you to relax after a long stressful day. The spa gift set simply throws the bath bomb into the tub filled with warm water to quickly unfold for indulgent and pampering fizzy fun. The bath set rich fragrance makes you feel and the scent lingers on your skin.