Free Standing Adjustable Water Resistant Patio Heater

This garden camping heater will bring warmth to your outdoor space where you need it.

The powerful patio heaters provide a maximum of 2000W that is great for heating and lighting to your seating areas, around your garden bar or indoor-outdoor space when the temperature drops.

Our adjustable patio heater has 3 advanced heat setting 650W, 1350W and 2000W that produces instant warm heat in a cool area and ensure your party goes on even after the sun goes down. These freestanding weatherproof garden heaters outdoors will stand in all weather conditions.


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The patio heater has 2000W powerful infrared heaters rays that give instant heat and a comfortable warm glowing light. This infrared heating element works against coldness and brings warmth when you are staying at home, working or dining with friends.

This electric room heater uses electricity instead of the gas heater or other energy. It doesn't provide any flames, smoke or burn oxygen. It is safer than gas heaters or fire pits and can even be used indoors. It is also CE approved IPX4 Weatherproof which allows it to use in outdoor areas.