KN95 Folding White Face Masks – Five Pack

Designed to provide high quality comfort, protection and breathability, these non-medical, KN95 approved face masks are manufactured from high efficiency protective grade material.

Ensure you feel protected and unrestricted each day with these secure and high filtration masks.

With a multilayer stereoscopic design encompassing high quality bridge stripes which are easy to fix and a high elastic ear loop, these masks are practical and comfortable to wear for short or long periods.

These comfortable and breathable KN95 face masks offer high-filtration efficiency through 5-layers of cotton and melt-blown nonwovens.


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Skin friendly and breathable for an adult face shape, these KN95 protective grade masks have efficient filtration, allowing them to isolate fine particles and dust, suppress it and help to degrade harmful substances. This filtering mask is designed to filter 95% of dust, haze, droplets and other harmful particles in the air.

Embedded with an adjustable nose wire provides a snug fit for adults of all face sizes. These masks are easily adjusted for maximum comfort and protection while their 3D ergonomic design and multiple layers provides a high filtration rate.