Anti Collision Door & Window Seal Adhesive Rubber D-Type White 5m

Storm seal tape seals around windows and doors to form a weatherproof, sound proof and draughtproof barrier.

This draught excluder strip is an easy and affordable DIY project that can be done in all year round, can be used in buildings to keep out weather, increase interior comfort, lower utility bills, and reduce noise. give you a clean and warmer environment.

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Quick and easy to fit, this door and window seal tape can also be used as a wardrobe, refrigerator, freezer door gasket seal. For added versatility you can divide the weather strip to make a single seal for narrow edges.

Before sticking, please keep surface dry and clean, within working temperature between 10℃ and 30℃. Strong and secure it will provide sealant on a variety of household or workplace draught spots.

Application couldn't be simpler. Ensure the area is clean of grease, dust or dirt before application. Seperate the seal into 2 strips. Remove the backing tape and position firmly onto the door or window frame. Press firmly to ensure a good and secure seal.

Item Specifications

Anti-Collision D-Type Door & Window Seal. Splits into 2 strips.

Easy to fit.

Moth proof, waterproof, insulating, sound proof, draught proof.

Strong, easy stick self adhesive backing.

Keep out of reach of children.


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