4 Digit Combination Padlock

Heavy Duty Security
This handy and highly effective combination padlocks is essential for keeping all your valuable items safe and secure. With no keys to lose and a unique 4 digit combination to insert, you can feel confident your toolboxes, sheds, lockers and bikes safely stored.
Multiple Uses
Our sturdy padlocks can be used on a variety of items inside or outside and are rustproof. They can be used on a gym, school and work lockers, outdoor fence, utility box, container, hasp, gate, cabinet & case.
4-Digit Combination
Easy to read and master four digit combination can be set to any combination of your choosing for extra security and no key needed!
These Heavy Duty precision padlocks are manufactured from brass great to prevent anyone breaking into your possessions and are anti rust and weather resistant. Making them the ideal security solution for anything outdoors that will keep them locked up safe and for a long time.
This fantastic combination padlock body measures in at a 5cm wide x 4cm high with 57 mm shackle approx.

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