Hanging Round Bird Feeder

This functional feeding station has several practical properties. Several birds can eat at the same time due to the cage design all over.

The feeder is easy to fill with various feeds such as peanuts or suet balls and will attract all types of birds all year long.

In a circular cage design, this feeder will easily hang from any tree branch, hook or pole within your outdoor space, allowing any visiting birds to enjoy a feed all year round.

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Easy to fill and clean, it will comfortably stand up to repeated use. Crafted with care and attention to detail from black powder coated steel, this feeder will hang with ease, withstand the elements and stand up comfortably to repeated use. In black powder coated steel and with a circular cage design, this feeder is both practical and attractive, the traditional design looking great with any style of garden décor.

Item Specifications

This round metal feeder has a circumference of 61cm, height of 17cm. The size of the central filling hole is 10 x 10cm and the length of the hanging chain is 14cm. All sizes approximate.