1x Programmable 24 Hour Plug In Switch Timer

This set of three handy timers can switch an appliance on and off at the times set within a daily time period.

The timer is operated by pressing the pegs downwards opposite the time shown on the dial for the duration of the on period.

Each peg represents 15 minutes. These practical BS UK 3 Pin Plug In Timer Switches are safe to use and conform to all BS and CE rules.

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With manual Over ride. Easy to set segments at fifteen minute intervals 15 minute to 24 hour range setting 48 on/off cycles per day An extremely handy piece of kit to have around the home, these timer switches are a wonderful invention as they allow you to control your electric equipment in advance. Ideal for lighting, garden water features, christmas lights and much more!

Item Specifications

Please note – Maximum load 13A, 3kW.

Easy to set segments at fifteen minute intervals.

30 minute to 24 hour range setting.

48 on/off cycles per day.

Built in manual override button


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