Embossed Mistletoe and Fir Scented Candle

Bring a warm cosy glow as well as variety of delicious festive themed scents into your home this winter with this fantastic Christmas candle!

Beautifully designed and deliciously scented this candle is crafted with authentic ingredients and premium wax and deliver clean, consistent, room-filling aromas!

In an attractive glass embossed jar, this candle makes for a perfect gift for anyone on your list this year, or simply as a treat for your own home! Authentic ingredients and premium wax deliver clean, consistent, room-filling aroma of Mistletoe & Fir

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A slightly citrusy evergreen scent that shares qualities with pine, cedar, juniper, and bayberry. It’s a little astringent, green, and cool to the nose, with a sort of “bright” quality along the lines of lemon or begamont. Balsam fir has a more syrupy/sweet-ish scent than silver fir.

This simple yet effective candle pot makes for a perfect gift for a loved one this
Christmas or as an addition to your festive decorating this winter!

Item Specifications

Fragrance: Mistletoe & Fir

Jar Colour: Silver

Product size approx: 17.8 x 6 x 17.8cm.

Weight: 1.503kg approx

Material: 70% Wax, 30% Glass


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