Premium White LED Bonsai Tree 50cm

Welcome this stunning bonsai style firework tree into your home space!

Suitable for use indoors or out, this light up tree will provide you with warm white light when in use and act as as striking piece of home or garden décor all year round.

In a traditional bonsai shape, this light stands at 50cm tall, with a huge 264 warm white lights adorned all over. Each branch has ‘flower’ shaped lighting which can be gently manipulated to whichever style or direction you choose!


In stock


Each warm white lights mean this tree will fit in comfortably with any style of home or garden décor and with any theme!

Indoor or Outdoor, Perfect for home, bedroom, living room, window sills, mantlepieces, offices, as part of your Christmas décor, dinner party centrepieces, or as a garden or patio display anywhere around your outdoor space.

Item Specifications

Bright long lasting bulbs.

50cm height.

264 warm white LED lights.

Indoor or outdoor (transformer must remain indoors at all times).

4.5V isolating transformer plug to BS EN61347, use only with a 4.5V transformer plug supplied.

Max rated voltage: 4.5V.

Lead wire length approx. 5m.


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