Set of Three Fairy Solar Spotlights Garden Path Light Lighting

These charming fairies are made from resin, while their cute little wings are crafted from acrylic. Each fairy comes with a solar powered LED light, which charges during the day and lights up at night.

These lights provide pp to eight hours of light after sunset (once fully charged). Features an on/off switch for when their fairy power is not needed!

This set of 5 window stickers are a quick and easy way to bring colour and fun to windows, as well as catching any pesky flies on arrival! Practical and attractive, these stickers are an indispensable addition to any room.


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To apply, stick the side with the two pieces of backing on to your surface (the side with the single piece of backing is the surface flies land on). These stickers have a double-sided self-adhesive and an simple sunflower design set over transparent PVC film.

Suitable for trapping various flying insects, these stickers are odourless, with no fumes, these sunflower fly catching stickers are safe and easy to use. Non-toxic, these will effectively trap flies, will looking bright and fun on any window.

Easy to apply and remove, these stickers will be highly effective for up to 3 months. They are non-toxic, for use on windows and other smooth, flat surfaces.

Item Specifications

Fast Acting Attractive flower-shaped window stickers.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use around the house.


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