2M x 50M Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric Membrane Garden Landscape Ground Sheet

50m x 2m rolls of weed control geo-textile fabrics are made from 100% non-woven spun bonded polyester and offer greater coverage for larger areas.

They mimic the appearance, texture and strength of a woven fabric offering by being strong and abrasion resistant.

Supplied as landscaping waterproof material / geo-textiles provide a cost effective long term solution to controlling weeds for low maintenance gardening.

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It retains its physical properties when wet and stays extremely stable during humidity changes. We offer a whole range of weed control fabrics to suit a wide variety of applications

This strong and light material resists moisture, staining and chemical attack; it is harmless to health and does not pollute the environment at any stage.

Item Specifications

50m x 2m rolls

Controls weeds

No need for chemicals or weed killers

Allows air, nutrients and water to permeate through to the soil

Contributes to low maintenance gardening


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