2m X 10m Garden Netting

2cm X 2cm Hole Size

This strong but lightweight garden netting fine mesh and pond netting can not only protect the fish from birds, cats, and other predators, also protect fruits and vegetables from dropping out. Stops Birds Getting To Soft Fruit.

This is the perfect size to give you great coverage to your garden pond, or growing area. Can also be cut to fit any size that meets your requirements.

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Garden Mile introduces its woven garden ponds PVC heavy-duty netting, crafted from durable and stable nylon material that boasts UV resistance and rot resistance, ensuring long-lasting protection for your aquatic life and tender berries. The woven structure of this netting is not only strong and durable but also remarkably flexible and soft, making it versatile for various applications. Designed to deter predatory birds or pets from accessing your pond or plants, this sturdy netting provides reliable defence against unwanted intruders. Our range of netting is specifically engineered to safeguard your fish from pesky paws and predatory birds, offering peace of mind and protection for your aquatic ecosystem. Its lightweight construction and flexible design make it easy to clean and install, while its fine mesh ensures thorough coverage and protection for your garden pond or growing area. This heavy-duty garden netting is ideal for preventing fish from jumping out and safeguarding fruits and vegetables from falling out. With its exceptional strength and durability, you can trust this netting to provide reliable protection year after year. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice enthusiast, our woven garden ponds PVC netting is the perfect solution for ensuring the safety and security of your aquatic life and delicate crops.

Item Specifications

2Cm X 2Cm Hole Size

Stops Birds Getting To Soft Fruit Etc

No Inners Full Product Dimensions 24X8x6

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