Galvanised Steel Bolt Fence Post Support (10cm x 10cm)

These hardwearing and attractive bolt down fence post ‘shoes’ are the ideal quick and easy way to safely and securely erect fencing and garden posts! No digging or messy concreting into place required here, saving time, money as well as heavy lifting! Designed to be fixed down onto an existing concrete base or wall and are perfect for patio fencing, decking, pergolas or car ports.
These bolt secure post holders feature 2 x 8mm carriage bolts that tighten and clamp the post firmly into the post holder section to prevent any post movement, as well as allowing for over/under sized post tolerance. Can be bolted down into concrete or when posts are to be above ground. The bolt system also allows for removal of the post at a later stage if required.
This system prevents post rot and decay as it will hold the base of the post above ground level. Finished in red oxide powder coated paint (you can paint them in another colour if you choose!) to blend in with fencing and provide medium rust protection. These supports are suitable for most ground conditions Robust construction ensures they will drive into very hard ground with ease.
Rust resistant powder coated steel for use in all weather conditions. Hardwearing and robust, Protects from insects and water damage.

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