Christmas Silhouette Oil/Wax Warmer Lamp

This stunning silver cut out aroma lamp provides a beautiful eye-catching look while providing you with your favourite aromas and gentle lighting when in use.

Ideal for popping in a tea-light and bringing your favourite oils or melts to life! Each burner looks beautiful when not in use, but once you add in a candle and combine the gentle light with your favourite fragrance, then your room takes on a new ambience.

This aroma lamp can be used with essential oils or wax melts/tart. Choose your favourite scents to fill your home with wonderful fragrances and also use the lamp to eliminate unwanted odours.

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Wax melts/oils are not included however the lamp uses all brands on the open market.

Easy and safe to operate - simply insert a tea light to the open rear of the burner and place a wax melt or few drops of your favourite oil to the top dish of the sparkling burner.

Item Specifications

Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm.

Do not over fill when using wax melts and be careful not to add too much and never use water when using wax melts.

Weight approx. 237g.

Material: 100% porcelain.


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