Solar Powered Metal Dog LED Silhouette Garden Ornament

The stunning body of this solar powered dog will cast breathtaking patterns of light and shadow across the surface it is placed upon. Being handmade by artisans results in no two of these lights being the same, adding a one-of-a-kind charm to this little solar dog. Utilises solar power – This metal dog silhouette harnesses energy from the sun which makes it both environmentally friendly and free to run. This means that this beautiful ornament can simply be placed in your garden and can begin charging as soon as the panel has daylight falling on it.
Built in light sensor – This light automatically illuminates at dusk, meaning that no input is required as it can simply run off the stored solar power, automatically turning off during the day to begin charging again.
Unique design – The dog light will be sure to turn heads with it’s heart-warming construction. The beautiful handmade filigree silhouette will be a perfect companion to live on your garden table tops, lawns or decking.
The ornamental design makes it suitable garden decor by day and becomes an elegant light feature by night. It’s versatility makes this solar light easy to place wherever you like in your garden.
Always ensure that you place this solar powered dog silhouette in direct sunlight during the day to enjoy the benefits of its minimum operating time of over six hours when fully charged.
Unique handmade decorative metal dog with beautiful scroll-effect cut out detail.
Garden decor by day and silhouette light by night.
Ideal for garden table tops, patio or decking.
1 white LED produces a decorative scroll pattern on any surface.
Up to 6 hours of light each night when fully charged.
White LED – This metal dog will produce a warm glow in even the darkest corners of your garden with it’s white LED.
Height: 22cm (8¾in)
Width: 15cm (6in)
Depth: 21.5cm (8½in)


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