3pc Bronze Sunburst Wall Mirrors

3pc Round Silver Mirrors
These striking mirrors make a stylish addition to any area within the home.
The ‘starburst’ design provides a unique contemporary look that fits in effortlessly with any surrounding decor.
Practical, with an larger mirror in the centre and several tiny mirrors all round the edge, these mirrors not only cater to practicality but make a fantastic statement piece in any room.
An ideal gift for a new home or simply for yourself, these mirrors truly look great anywhere around the home.
These mirrors may be small but they strike a decorative punch, making them ideal for smaller rooms, flats, hallways or on statement walls.
Lightweight yet sturdy these mirrors will hang comfortably and look great wherever they are placed.
Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 1cm (approx)
Mirror Dimensions: 8.5cm x 8.5cm (approx)
Mirrors in Set: 3

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