Bear Bottom Nut Cracker Novelty Auto Reset Shooting Target Game

Bear Bottom Nut Cracker Shooting Target
Self reset – this HHH Hunting novelty nutcracker air-gun target is self resetting so no need for all that walking to reset your targets.
shoot the hanging testicles to knock the target up, then try and attempt an even tougher shot, shoot the rectum of the bear to knock the testicles back down to hanging.
Portable and compact – this novelty shooting target is freestanding and portable and is small enough to fit in your kit bag for use out in the field. Has 2 adjustable legs in order to secure it even more firmly into the ground for target shooting on any level or appropriate surface.
Dimensions – this fantastic novelty shooting target is 15.5cm wide, 17cm high and is 2.5mm thick (approx).

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