Premium Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cover White 2L

The luxury knitted cover is soft against the skin and provides a cosy barrier from the heat from our big hot water bottle.

Not only that, but the plush outer cover keeps the heat in so you experience the soothing comfort of the heat bag for even longer.

Not only for those cold winter nights, but our lovely hot-water bottle may be used to keep your bed warmer.

Additionally, use as a heat pack to provide soothing back pain relief, or comfort from period pain, menstrual cramps & sore muscles.


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Warm yourself not your house! Rather than spending £££ heating your entire house stay warm this winter with these great value items. Simply add warm water to the bag and tighten the stopper. WARNING: Never use boiling water for safety reasons.

Our hot water bottles with soft-touch covers are the best gift set for Christmas or Birthday - the ideal stocking filler for women or men. Use all year round, as this handy water bottle may be filled with cold water to keep you cool on a hot day!

Item Specifications

Our premium rubber warm water bags have been designed to conform to the highest British standards BS1970:2012.

The cosy covers are double-stitched to ensure long-lasting and durable design, keeping the hot water bottle safe inside.


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