Premium White Marble Mortar & Pestle Set

Bring out the flavour of food with our marble pestle and mortar.

With a sleek marble finish with unique textures making it ideal for anyone with a passion for cooking.

A premium-quality genuine granite pestle and mortar designed to maximise the surface contact between the two elements, improving the grinding and pounding performance providing you with perfectly ground herbs and spices.


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It's robust nature means it's able to withstand heavy and frequent use, and is ideal for crushing most things, from garlic to herbs and spices, making it long lasting. Made from solid marble, this pestle and mortar set is built to last a lifetime. The domed end of the pestle makes grinding easy whilst the smaller narrower end makes a comfortable handle which won't tire you out with use.

The narrower end of the pestle provides a comfortable and easy grip when grinding. Because it is made of solid stone the set is easy to clean with warm soapy water. With genuine marble this is incredibly weighty, the mortar does not have to be held down when in use, allowing you to simultaneously add ingredients to speed up your cooking preparation time.

With a stylish, marble exterior for easy cleaning and a ridged base for an optimised grip, this pestle and mortar can also be used to create and serve many dishes, such as fresh guacamole, chickpea hummus, and perfectly created mexican salsa as well as preparing dry rubs and marinades. Ideal for preparing everything from garlic to pesto, the pestle and mortar set is ideal for use in any home or commercial kitchen.

Item Specifications

Dimensions of pestle and mortar set: pestle 3.5 x 13cm, mortar 10.5 x 10cm.

Depth of bowl.

All sizes approximate.

Not suitable for dishwashers.

Caution – this item may become slippery when wet.

May chip or crack other surfaces if dropped.

Care and cleaning – Rinse in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.


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