8pc White Drawer Organiser

Keep your drawers neat and tidy anywhere around the home with eight hard-wearing organisers in a range of different sizes. A practical and space-saving solution for anywhere in the home!

The uses really are endless with these organisers! Make use of them in drawers in the bathroom for toiletries, make-up in the bedroom, cutlery in the kitchen! Wherever you need a quick and easy solution to keeping any area tidy, these organisers are the ideal purchase!

The in drawer organiser can fit in drawers of varying dimensions by arranging them in the required order or using less or more compartments to make a perfectly sized organiser. Our cutlery organiser tray can be setup in varying modular combinations.

Crafted from strong hard-wearing plastic, these drawers will stand the test of time and last longer. Store in drawers, fridges, freezers, kitchen cabinets, offices, workshops or garages! Eliminate mess and clutter wherever you need them!

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Our cutlery organiser trays are made of heavy-duty plastic and they are manufactured strong and hard-wearing ABS plastic finish. They are safe to use, durable and long-lasting.

These drawer organiser cutlery holder boxes include 8 pieces in a set. Come in different sizes that can hold lots of different-sized objects. The size of the large tray is 23.5cm x 16cm approx., long tray is 23.5cm x 7.5cm approx. and the small tray is 7.5cm x 7.5cm approx.

The interlocking drawer organiser can fit in any drawers of various sizes. This complete 8-section interchangeable design allows you to configure the different-sized sections into any pattern you like.

These drawer dividers storage trays can be arranged any way you want. These kitchen organiser boxes take little place and can hold lots of little valuables and cutlery items to keep your kitchen tidy and clean.

Our storage trays can be used for various purposes. They are perfect for keeping make-up in, jewellery, and even kitchen cutlery. You can even use them in your fridge, freezer or cabinets.

Item Specifications

Dimensions: Large tray – 23.5 x 16cm, Long tray – 23.5 x 7.5cm, Small trays – 7.5 x 7.5cm. All sizes approximate.


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