Moroccan Solar Powered LED Hanging Lantern

This modern Moroccan Style steel solar powered hanging lantern is a fantastic contemporary addition to any modern garden. The lantern is made off tough durable steel and has an LED light within. The light is versatile and can be either hung in trees or free standing. Feel part of the Moroccan fantasy and make a fantastic focal point in Your garden with this super stylish lantern.


    • Made From Tough Steel Construction.


    • Very Versatile Can Be Hung In Trees Or Free Standing.


    • Classy Gold Finish


    • Environmentally Friendly


    • LED Light


    • Size-23cm x 22cm



During the day, the solar panel converts solar power into a rechargeable battery night, the light turns on automatically by the stored energy. How long the light lasts depends on its location, weather conditions and seasonal lighting availability.



The solar light is ideal for night time lighting of the garden, lawn, patio, walkways or wherever needed. You can also charges the lights outdoors then use as indoor illumination.




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