Turkish Style Solar Garden Ornament White LED with Silver Glove Effect

Our garden lanterns Turkish style globe ball lights come with silver colour that provides bright and white warm lights; brightens up any area of your garden.

Solar lights outdoor garden ornaments create an elegant and ambient LED warm glow in your garden or any outdoor space.

The solar garden decorations outdoor ornaments come with a solar panel that automatically recharge during the day from the direct sunlight and illuminate as night falls.

These garden lanterns solar light outdoor ornaments are energy-saving and shine your outdoor garden all year round.

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Our solar lanterns outdoor garden hanging solar lamp is a perfect and playful addition to add atmosphere and warmth to your garden; ideal for your garden, patio, living rooms, or hallways.

The size of our garden lantern outdoor ornaments led lights are approx 32 x 30cm; perfect size for decorating Indoor Outdoor Patio, Gardens, Conservatories, pagodas, decking, trees.

Our hanging solar lights outdoor garden led lanterns light comes with an easy installation process. Easy to hang in any garden area. Only turn on the switch of outside solar lights.

Item Specifications

Color: Large Silver Globe

Shape: Round

Lighting: LED

Dimensions: 32 x 30cm


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