3pc Miniature Garden Mushrooms Ornaments Set

Garden Ornaments:
Bring some fun and colour into any area of your outdoor space with this set of 3 mushroom ornaments! In a set of 3 these cute miniature ornaments in varying sizes can be used to brighten pots, bring character to flowerbeds and rockeries or place by garden ponds.. just use your imagination!
Novelty Decor:
With fun and eye-catching designs and intricate detailing, these mushroom characters will bring a smile to any garden visitors young or old! Small but hardwearing and weatherproof, these ornaments will brighten up even the dullest corners of your outdoor space or add extra colour to an existing fairy garden!
Crafted with care from hard wearing and long lasting resin, with faux grass detailing to the base, and finished in eye-catching colours and each with their own design, these mushroom ornaments will stand the test of the time as well as up to repeated use. Looking great in your garden come rain or shine!
Outdoor or In:
Use these charming and quirky mushroom resin ornaments within the home in your plant pots to bring a quirky touch to traditional plants, or outdoors anywhere in and around the garden to bring an eye-catching look and pop of colour to beds, rockeries, borders and pondside.
Set of 3 miniature mushroom resin ornaments. Measurements of each mushroom: 10.5 x 5cm / 10 x 5cm / 9.5 x 5cm. All sizes approximate.

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