3 In 1 Wild Garden Bird Nesting Box Feeder House

Treat your garden birds to a home from home with this 3 In 1 Nesting Box!

A great way for 3 different species of wild birds to take a nest for the Spring for their young.

Let them bring their own twigs, branches and leaves to make themselves a bed in their new home in your outdoor space!

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These charming bird boxes are the perfect way to brighten up any corner of the garden while helping out our feathered friends! These colourful and traditional bird houses are most suited to smaller garden birds such as Robins, Sparrow, Tits and more.

Place in view of a window and enjoy watching them flock to these fun bird houses.

These boxes are conjoined together and each is a different shade. Bright and eye catching for both visiting birds and neighbours alike! These boxes have a small hole to the front of each box and a roof to the top to give the impression of a traditional home.

Crafted with care from strong and stable wood, these boxes are easy to secure to any fence, tree or surface. They will comfortably stand up to the elements and the test of time, remaining colourful and beautiful in your garden all year round, whatever the weather!

A quality construction which will give our feathered friends a safe environment to raise their young.

A fantastic gift for a bird lover.



Item Specifications

Dimensions: 24cm x 18.5cm approx.

Material: Wood

Colour: Blue, Pink & Yellow

Mounted: Wall Mounted


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