Wooden Insect House with Green Roof

Insect Hotel
A unique and attractive way to welcome a variety of wildlife into your garden, this insect hotel not only looks great but is highly practical as well as completely eco-friendly! These habitats consist of multiple chambers with tubes, cones and many other nooks and crannies to suit different species.
Attract Wildlife
An ideal feature in every wildlife friendly garden these fantastic insect hotels provide the perfect habitat for a multitude of garden creatures! These bug houses offer shelter and safety for many insects including bees, ladybirds and lacewings. Insects have many important tasks in our gardens. Among other things, they pollinate plants and act as natural pest controllers.
Not only do these insect hotels provide shelter for a variety of insects, but also look beautiful in any outdoor space, small or large. These insect hotels act as an attractive garden feature that will also promote and encourage more insects to live in the garden enhancing the overall ecology of your wildlife patch.
Easy Installation
These insect houses can be free-standing within the garden or easily mounted to any fence or tree, allowing them to attract and accommodate multiple species of butterfly, moth, ladybird and solitary bees. The sturdy hanging hook to the rear allows you to secure it to any fence or wall and move to other areas of the garden when required!
Fun for Kids
With a fun and educational Bug Chart included this excellent insect hotel also makes for an educational tool suitable for all ages all year round! Learn about all the smaller visitors to your garden and provide them with a charming place to hide.
Natural Wood
Crafted with care and attention to detail from 100% natural wood, these bug hotels are made from a combination of bamboo (attracts bees), pine wood (attracts earwigs) and schima wood (attracts butterflies and ladybugs)!
Insect House with Green Roof.
Dimensions: 26 x 13 x 10cm approx.
For nesting and hibernation.
Bug Chart included.
Ready assembled.
Hanging hook to rear.


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